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This was the band in 2005 after Steve's last gig with us at The Wheatsheaf, Braunston. Then he came back. Lineup is;
Kate on vox, rhythm guitar
Bob Wilson on guitar
Tony Kelsey on guitar
Fred Skidmore on keyboards
Dave on bass
Steve James on drums

Thanks to Suzy Gallier for this great piccy.


This is the band as it was in March 2001. There's six of us;
Kate Gee - Vocals, electric 12-string.
                   This was Lucinda's first gig with us (that's Kate's new blue guitar)
Bob Wilson - Lead guitar and general cool dude (Steve Gibbons, Ruby Turner)
Fred Skidmore - Keyboards (Dexys)
Paul Miller - Viola (Druidspear, Anorakula)
Dave Gee - Bass and colour blind
Heath Laight - Drums (Rachels Basement)

The gig we're playing is The Brasenose, Cropredy, on the Friday of the festival. Thanks to Andy Thorpe for such a wonderful picture.

This is the band in full flow at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden. This was a while ago now, and the guitarist Phil has been replaced by Bob Wilson (see above) and we've added another guitarist - Tony Kelsey.

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